Employee Development and Care

CWT INT’L treasure people as the most valuable asset and the key momentum of business development. We believe in communicating with staff to enhance their sense of belonging and cohesion. We provide well-rounded training and clear career path, and praise and encourage outstanding employees. We know the importance of physical and mental health of employees inside and outside the workplace, helping them achieve work and life balance.

Team Building and Communication

We believe that staff training is essential for operational efficiency and mutual understanding among the staffs at all level, therefore we provide various team building actives.

Employee Care

We arrange monthly “Birthday Party”. We also send gifts with blessing to our staff to celebrate holidays.

Employee Motivation

We value our staff's talents and every effort and progress. To this end, we specially set up a variety of awards to stimulate the morale of employees, and fully explore their potential and talents.

On 28 September 2017, staff gather to celebrate Mid-autumn Festival. It was the 2nd year for CWT INT’L to cooperate with the Hong Kong Community Chest to support the charity mooncake campaign.
On 14 February 2017, female employees received Valentia’s Day gift from the Company.
In December 2016, staff gathered to celebrate a brand-new year in December 2016.
On 5 November 2016, staff representatives joined “Buddha You Run 2016” to share healthy lifestyle and positive living message.
In September 2016, CWT INT’L joined hands with the Hong Kong Community Chest to support charity mooncake campaign.